Hope Through Cancer
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About "Hope Through Cancer" Ministries
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     My wife Faith and I are co-founders of “Hope Through Cancer”. Since Faith was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 9, 2009, we have been led to helping and encouraging those that are facing cancer and chemo-therapy. Since the whole being needs help, from the body to the mind and spirit, we have put together a gift package that we give to cancer survivors which include the following:

     The Book "Hope Through Cancer," the story of Faith's journey with cancer, with an artist's perception, in the light of the 23rd Psalm. 
Regardless of the type of cancer, This books is practical and inspiring and will empower any patient to better fight and survive their cancer. Survivors who are facing the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment will find help and hope, as well as knowledge to aid them in their journey. Soft cover, 177 pages.

We also send a calendar, 
Day diary for chemo day,
Herbal Teas to help relax.
Arnica Gel (for aching muscles and bones)
Business card case (Arts and Craft made by faith)or   
Eye glass case (also made by Faith)
Contents may vary depending on availability.

     Any amount of a donation goes toward a gift package to encourage those facing cancer. We deliver them personally in our area or send them by mail to those in the United States or Canada. The quantity depends on funds available through donations.

     On behalf of those that receive this package we extend our thankfulness to those that support this ministry.

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 "Hope Through Cancer" is not a registered non-profit and therefore your contributions are not tax deductible.
Net proceeds go towards gifts to cancer survivors.
Soft cover, 177 pages, $14.95
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