Hope Through Cancer
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      The book "Hope Through Cancer " is one of the most unique stories of a cancer survivor's journey with hope. Faith has Ovarian cancer and a painting was made of the mental image she had to relax and be calm in spite of the diagnosis. She would close her eyes to see a mental image of a path, calm waters, shade, light, and hope. The painting is an artist's perception of a survivor's journey with hope in the light of Psalm 23. The book "Hope Through Cancer" describes in details each part of her journey and painting.
  1. The gates represent the entrance into unknown territory that only survivors can relate to.
  2. The rose on the gate is the emblem of love and support so needed on the journey.
  3. The path represents that long journey and the way the Good Shepherd leads. 
  4. The many obstacles on the journey with cancer is represented by the branch.
  5. The bench stands for the time of meditation and thoughts about everything in life and preparing for the inevitable.
  6. The still waters represent calmness in the soul that only the Good Shepherd can provide.
  7. The light is the hope and direction received from the Good Shepherd that leads the way.
  8. The bridge stands for the difficult rivers in life that must be crossed including the last one.

​     This is a gift of a lifetime for someone that is now facing cancer. For many survivors, cancer is perceived as a death sentence. My wife and I know how that feels. After 5 years of preparation and experience, this book will help any survivor to face the future. It will help them deal with their fears, feelings, and even death. Help cancer survivors by encouraging them with this book. They will appreciate the real concern you had for them. Show them that you care. This book is available in three formats. Soft cover, 177 pages.

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