Hope Through Cancer
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Canvas, with 2.75 inch wraparound border added each side, sprayed and mounted on a sturdy 1.5" thick wood stretcher frame, ready to hang on the wall. Border style = Normal mirror image.  Signed and numbered. See illustration at left. 
Size = 10 X 8 inches   = $110.00
           14 X 11 inches = $145.00
           20 X 16 inches = $210.00
           30 X 38 inches = $385.00
Free shipping in U.S. and Canada  
Canvas, with 2.75 inch wraparound border added each side, sprayed and mounted on a sturdy 1.5" thick wood stretcher frame, then inserted into a black shadow box, ready to hang on the wall.
Border style = Normal mirror image. See illustration at left. 
Sizes  14 X 11 inches mounted + shadow box = $200.00
           20 x 16  inches mounted + shadow box = $265.00
           24 X 18 inches mounted + shadow box = $320.00
Signed and numbered.   

Net proceeds go towards gifts to cancer survivors.
7"X 5" Print & Frame
10" X 8" Print & Matte & Frame
14" X 11" Print & Frame
20" X 16" Print & Matte & Frame/Gold
20" X 16" Print & Matte & Frame/Brown
The "Hope Through Cancer "Painting is one of the most unique painting of a cancer survivor's journey with hope. Faith has Ovarian cancer and this is the mental image she tried to have to be able to relax and be calm in spite of the diagnosis. She would close her eyes to see a mental image of a path, calm waters, shade, light, and hope. The painting is an artist's perception of a survivor's journey with hope in the light of Psalm 23. The book "Hope Through Cancer" (coming out this fall) describes in details each part of the painting.
     1. The gates represent  the entrance into unknown territory that only survivors can relate to.
     2. The rose on the gate is the emblem of love and support so needed on the journey.
     3. The path represents that long journey and the way the Good Shepherd leads. 
     4. The many obstacles on the journey with cancer is represented by the branch.
     5. The bench stands for the time  of meditation and thoughts about everything in life and  preparing for the inevitable.
     6. The still waters represent calmness in the soul that only the Good Shepherd can provide.
     7. The light is the hope and direction received from the Good Shepherd that leads the way.
     8. The bridge stands for the difficult rivers in life that must be crossed including the last one.

The Psalm 23 can be seen throughout the painting. example "He makest me to lie down in green pastures" or " He leadeth me beside the still waters" or "He restoreth my soul" etc.
A short description is included with any purchase of this painting.
You can purchase prints framed or not!
Color: Excellent , Reflectivity: low (Usually no problem from glare in any lighting)
Thickness: 12 mils Estimated time for 1st detectable fading, indoors: 100+ years
5 X 7 inches in a beautiful aluminum frame 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 inches, to hang on walls or night tables, flat surfaces. signed and numbered. Our best special! Shipping included! $24.95
All prices include free shipping in the United States

Prints 7 X 5 inch  = $11.95
         10 X 8 inch  = $15.95
         14 X 11 inch= $19.95
         20 X 16 inch= $29.95

Prints + Framed  
           7 X 5 with frame 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 inches = $24.95
         10 X 8 with frame 12 X 15 inches........ = $44.95
         14 X 11 with frame 15 3/4 X 18 3/4.......= $89.95
         20 X 16 with frame 23 X 19 inches..... = $119.95

Prints + Matte + Framed
         10 X 8   total dimensions 18 3/4 X 15 3/4..... = $89.95
         14 X 11 total dimensions 22 X 19 inches.... =$119.95
         20 X 16 total dimensions 29 X 25 inches.....=$149.95

The "Hope Through Cancer" Painting
Canvas With Black Shadow Box
Canvas With 2.75 Inch Wraparound
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