Hope Through Cancer
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WCCD scroll
 "What Cancer Cannot Do" Scroll

GH scroll
GH scroll
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The "Hope Through Cancer" Book
 The book "Hope Through Cancer " is one of the most unique stories of a cancer survivor's journey with hope. Faith has Ovarian cancer and a painting was made of the mental image she had to relax and be calm in spite of the diagnosis. She would close her eyes to see a mental image of a path, calm waters, shade, light, and hope. The painting is an artist's perception of a survivor's journey with hope in the light of Psalm 23. The book "Hope Through Cancer" describes in details each part of her journey and painting. For more info about the book click HERE.
HTC Book
Hope Through Cancer Book
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What Cancer Cannot Do. FRAMED
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5 X 7 inches in a beautiful aluminum frame 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 inches, to hang on walls or night tables, flat surfaces. signed and numbered. Our best special! Shipping included!  Retail price is $24.95
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This is a perfect gift to give to any one that has cancer and is going through chem-therapy. Many gift shops have very little to offer to those that are in the hospital with a recent cancer diagnosis, or that are sent home with nothing positive to live by. The book and this gift are perfect!
What Cancer Cannot Do Poem (Framed)

Thank you for your order, and your support in         helping the unfortunate with cancer.
          We are committed to the cause of
                 Supporting The Fighters
                  Encouraging  The Survivors
                  And Honoring The Taken
HTCP Framed
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Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
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